Sunday, November 23, 2014

How to do laundry with a baby

I am going to write a funny post.

How to do laundry with a baby

  1.  Gather all the laundry. Do not set the laundry basket by the baby. 
  2. If you made the mistake of setting the basket by the baby or the baby crawled to the basket, please re-gather all the laundry. 
  3. Take care of the baby melt-down that occured from you putting the dirty clothing back into the basket. 
  4. Put the clothing into the washing machine. 
  5. Snuggle and play with baby.
  6. Put the wet laundry in the dryer, while holding the baby to prevent a meltdown since mommy went to a different room and he can't see her. 
  7.  Pick up while the baby naps. 
  8. Start putting clean baby clothing away while baby naps. 
  9. Baby wakes up and is crying. 
  10. Leave the clean clothing in the laundry basket until the next time baby naps.  
And that is how you do laundry with a 10 month old.

Friday, November 7, 2014

I'm back

I am back.
I took a hiatus from writing for a while. I was struggling trying to figure out what I wanted to write. I was looking for that light, those words that I knew would be worth reading. While, now I know.

Tomorrow is Winston's 4th birthday. I can't believe that my pup is no longer a puppy but a dog and that I have had him for over 3 years. I feel that time has started to fly. This year I shopped local for his present. I went to a small local pet store and got him some chew toys designed to clean his teeth. I have been bad at brushing his teeth lately so I am hoping this will help.

I have also started working on birthday presents for my son. I have decided to do 25 books as a count down for Christmas. Each day in December we will open a new book to read at bedtime. Both my husband and I are very excited to do this. We have 6 books already wrapped. Even though my son is only 10 months, we believe this will be a great family tradition. 

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