Thursday, October 31, 2013

27 weeks. Happy Halloween!

Which means that this LO will be here in 13 weeks give or take a few.

The baby is...well all the different apps are telling my different things. I have the size of a cauliflower from one app, a head of lettuce from another app, and a rutabaga from another. All I got from them is that the baby is around 2lbs, and about 14 inches long. 

This week the baby is sleeping at regular intervals. I think my child likes to sleep during the day, because he/she is the most active come 4pm on and doesn't calm down until like 9 am. Which doesn't help me sleep. Unless he/she is trying to  prepare me for motherhood. 

Brain tissue and lung tissue are developing right now! Also, the brain is very active right now, making this LO move around, kick/ flip, suck his/her thumb, and hiccup. 

Now on to me: I have nothing new. Still sick (to the point where it doesn't even phase me anymore) still have back pain, still tired, but now I'm also an insomniac. Oh, and all I've been wanting is ice water. Juice and milk just taste way too sweet. 

Gender: Human!!!! IDK I had a dream about a little boy last night. But then the other night it was a little girl. But in both dreams it was human. 

Winston and I are saying Happy Halloween!

(This picture is from last years Halloween)


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I almost forgot!

To do a wordless Wednesday post. Then again, I almost forgot to post at all this week! Where is my head?

Let's see, it's be a black/grey rainy day. So why not share what Winnie boy has been doing all day long.

Let's see, I know this isn't wordless, but I also made puppy chow this week, apple crisp and peanut butter chocolate chip pumpkin bread. And I didn't even think to take pictures! Where is my head?

Thursday, October 24, 2013

26 weeks.

Today I am 26 weeks.  My last week in 2nd trimester. I have 98 days left until my due date! EEEKKK!

Baby is about 1.5 to 2.5 pounds and 14 inches long. So the size of a head of lettuce, egg plant or a lunch box? Hmm, I don't think I have a baby the size of a lunch box.

The baby is moving around a lot! At the last doctors office the doctor was chasing the baby around with the doppler. He/She is practicing breathing so hiccups are happening. I haven't felt them yet, but I probably will soon. He/She is also is growing eye lashes. I hope that this baby gets my husbands eye lashes, since mine are super short and his are long.

My symptoms: Let's see, I'm still tired, and still having bouts of nausea, but this past week, I haven't been super sick. It is getting harder to fall asleep (even though I'm super tired), my back still hurts, and I have noticed I have been needed my inhaler a bit more. Otherwise, I have had a bits of energy, which is helpful to get things organized and set up for the baby. (mainly research)

Updates: I have been doing more and more research on different baby items, so that way when my husband and I can take a road trip to the "big" city where they have a Target and Babies R Us was know what we want to look at.

Gender guesses:  My husband thinks that this little one is a girl. Some of my friends and family think it's a boy. I really don't know.  I found this on Pinterest:

Let's see:
Morning sickness: YES!
Cravings: When I have them I want both sweet and salty stuff
Mood: I think I've been moody, it's kind of hard to be happy when you are working on keeping food in, and worried about a bunch of things. 
Skin: Soft? I have always had pretty soft skin and I haven't noticed a difference
Sleeping: I'm throwing you all for a loop, up until two weeks ago, I was still sleeping on my stomach. Right now, I'm trying to get comfortable on my side, and I switch between the right and left side. 
Headaches: I have had a few, so Yes.
Balance: My balance has been off. I'm going with unstable for this. 
Chinese Calender: I got boy and girl. 

Also today is October 24th. I believe the Petites link up is still going on. I am linking up this post, but it will be the only pregnancy post that I will link up. I hope those readers from it, don't mind.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hemming jeans

As you all know I'm a bit crafty. So this week end, I figured why not hem the maternity jeans my wonderful mom got me. Now, these jeans started out 6 inches too long.

So the first thing I did was measure where I wanted these jeans to fall on me. Then I folded them up (like when you crop jeans) and pinned then on the hem. (this took a few tries since I had to pin them a few different times)


Then I sewed really close to the hem of the jeans. I made sure it wasn't underneath the hem, but super close to the hem.

After that I cut off the extra fabric. (Be careful here, you don't want to cut off your hem line, I did that and had to make some changes)

And last, remove the pins, fold the hem back over (iron it if you want it flat) and wear your newly hemmed jeans!

Not bad if I don't say so myself. 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fall weather

I'm so excited! Fall weather is here. Sweatshirts and jeans! Except for me. I have to wear maternity jeans and they don't come  in a length short or extra short. :( but they are comfy.

Anyways, since I need to be looking at some cute fall and winter maternity clothes.

We can start with shirts

(All of these are from Old Navy)

Those with maternity jeans, or legging sound comfortable. Maybe with some sweater dresses too?

Friday, October 18, 2013

A Catch up post

Happy Friday.

Today is a Hot Chocolate type of day. Yum hot chocolate. So why not spend that time sipping Hot Cocoa and getting caught up on some of my favorite blogs.

We start with Heather from Every Girl Like Me.  She got a new look and it's amazing! I love it. A also love reading her blog, she is from the midwest like me, so we understand each other.

Then we go on to another favorite of mine. Rebecca from Caravan Sonnet! This is one amazing women. I love reading her blog. She is so thoughtful and shares so much about her life and journey. It is a blog to read.

Then we go to Helene from Helene in Between. She's funny and sasy and I like readings here.

There is Alyssa From Alyssa Says Hi. Her blog is a nice read. It is very similar to Ashlyn from On Cloud 9. And last there is Kristen from Happiness is a Mood, not a destination

When I have time, I try to read all the blogs I follow, but I have realized I follow  a lot of blogs.

Oh well,

Thursday, October 17, 2013

25 weeks

For my 25 week picture I was photo bombed by my can see his head.

So seedling is getting bigger. About  13.6-14.8 inches and 1.5 to 2 pounds.
The baby has vocal chords developed, body fat and hair are starting to develop too. My baby knows what way is up and down and still kicking like crazy.
Symptoms: For me nothing too exciting. Still getting sick, still super tired, back pain, but it will be worth it in the end.
Purchases: Nothing yet. We don't want to buy something and then lose the baby.
Gender: I'm going to leave it up to gender things....I have been craving both sweet and salty food when I do have cravings. (keeping them another story) and I have been sleep on both my right and left side. So, what do you think?


Saturday, October 12, 2013

90's girl

As I sit here, watching the Badgers play (and hopefully win) I can't help but think of the age difference between me and some of the players. I know it's not a big  difference, but it is one that has defined me, who I am, and my childhood. I'm a totally 90's girl. I know it and truth be told I love it.

I grew up listening to the original boy bands.

I grew up with Disney:


 Full house:

And Boy Meets World.

 There are over 300 reasons why being an 90's girl was awesome. (Including those rad jelly shoes)

As well as we had some of the coolest toys.  Yes, I had a Furby, Baby Born and those rad fashion plates. Along with beanie babies.

Therefore, I am a 90's girl.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

24 weeks...16 left!!!!!

Can You believe that I have 16 weeks left. 16 Weeks!  Where did the time go? What am I going to do? There is so much to do to

Baby is the size of a Cauliflower, Ear of corn, or Cantaloupe, is 10 to 12 inches inches long and about a pound and a half.

As much as I would like to post more, I'm just not able too. This week was a bit tough and hard on me, but thankfully my baby is doing okay.  Let's see here is something funny though, Winston was resting by my stomach the other day, the baby kicked him and he pushed his paw back at the baby.

And let's see, the ever so gender debate. Being team green it's fun to try to guess the gender. So what do you think?

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Oh the knitter in me

It's been a long time since I have talked abut knitting. So to start....Sometimes, I wish people would just let me sit down and knit until I don't want to knit any more.

Or just let me play around on pinterest or in knitting books because

But no. It doesn't happen.  Although when I do get the time to look at pinterest...sometimes I like the tings I see, other  times I try the project and it's a fail. 

This one was a fail...doesn't work. 

And sadly this one doesn't work all the time too :(

And these are super cute...but they don't lead to a pattern. O boy.  Why does pinterest do this to me?


(Oh I know it's Tuesday, but I'm going to have this post be my Pinterest post for the week, so linking up with Michelle from TheVintage Apple for Oh So Pinteresting. )

Thursday, October 3, 2013

23 weeks...A little long

Today I'm 23 weeks.

So Baby is the size of a grape fruit! About 11 inches long and a little over a pound. This baby is just a little smaller than what the average is, but still looking good.
Symptoms:  I'm tired and sick, (I feel that this should be an all the time symptom for me), Let's see, my back hurts a bit, and I have had insomnia.
Gender ideas: Again, I have no clue, but what do you all think?This week, all I have been wanting are sweets. Like super sugary unhealthy for you items. Thankfully Jeff doesn't let me get what I crave, or I would have eaten a whole cake this week.

Other notes: Nothing too exciting, but I did get to see the baby this week. I wrote about it below, if you have a week stomach...just skip to the end.

So I had an ultra sound on Monday. And all was going well until I felt sick. And next thing I know I was like this:

Then I was like this:

But during the ultra sound the baby was kickng nad flipping a lot. So much so I think my baby may become like this when she/he is my age

So after that...I went to sleep. But later that night, he/she was kicking hard again and this time Jeff was able to feel her kick. It was wonderful :)

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