Friday, June 29, 2012

Let's talk Fridays

Today I want to talk about.... Classifications. Mainly how and why we classify some women and girls as...female dogs. Now I know that all women have a female dog inside of us, but there are some, who live by their female dog. To save typing space, we will call the female dog by B. so, why is it that some women live by their inner B and tend to treat others bad. 
 I can only guess, so here are some:

  1.  They are jealous of other women
  2.  They dislike  of women
  3.  They like to think of them selves as queens and what they want, they should get
  4.  They don't know how to be happy
  5. They  were raised that way by other B's.
To break don how to spot a B by my guesses- we will start with number 1- She is jealous of you
 - If a B is jealous of you, there are some sure fire signs I have now leaned. She will treat you like crap, and get really annoyed  when it has to be just you and her. She will not talk to you, and she will now want to learn about the thing she is the most jealous of. Whether it is the fact that you are married, and she isn't- you have a better job than she does, or you have a pet and she doesn't. The point is, there is something that you have that she doesn't and she wants. So, because you have that one thing, she will treat you like crap.
2- They dislike other women- this is very simple: they just hate other women and much prefer to be around men. 
3- They think of themselves as queens and what they want, they should get- basically- they want to be the alpha female at all times. They want all the attention on them and they will not share it. They will do what it takes and treat you however bad they have to, to make sure all eyes are on them. 
4-They don't know how to be happy- They are angry all the time because they cannot feel happiness. They do not know that emotion. They are angry and judgmental all the time because they cannot physically feel happiness. 
5- Being raised that way- Sometimes women who are B's find a man who is willing to put up with the B'ness and lo and behold, they have a daughter. The Mom then raises the daughter to be a B and the cycle will continue. 

That is what my thoughts are on this Friday. What are your thoughts about this?


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My thoughts

I was late posting my pinteresting Sunday (sorry). I have been busy, and tired.  I have been working about 8 if not more hour days, and by the time I come home, I'm so tired from my job that I fall asleep. I then wake up- get everything set for the next day, and fall back asleep. Leaving no time for anything else, including exercising (which is very important and I know I need to do more), reading (look at my last post for how much I love to read), Knitting (I may post about this one soon) and finding a job(This is a must and is number one of my list).
 So my thought- why is it that I'm so tired? I know I work with kids, and my job, although it is not very physical, is still physically active. In fact, I don't get a chance to really sit down to eat most day- I'm up and about eating t on the move, helping a child do one thing or another. Is it the fact that I'm on my feet that makes it tiring? Or is it the stress- the emotional stress ranging from the kids and what they are doing/behaving like for the day to the staff- from how we decided to handle things- to the parents, how they act when we talk to them and whether or not they are helpful to us.  I feel that is is a combo of both- the psychical, the emotional and of course the mental strain of a job. 
But what can I do, so I'm not so tired? I would love ideas to help me out. please, please share any you have. 

Pinteresting Sundays (way late)

So I'm way late with this, but my Pinteresting Sundays (Wednesday this week). 
I would like to talk about books. One of my many hobbies is to read- but I don't read I gobble books up. I have a very fast words per minute reading rate. Trust me...I'm fast. So for books that I have already read:
(there are no links just pictures)
one of the great books
This one is a very good book for classic reading.
Fifty Shades of Grey
I heard it was a good honeymoon book- i read it before that- It is a very interesting book. 

The Lucky One...a very good book
I really liked this book. I did not see the movie- I'm afraid the movie will ruin the book. Like Dear John-Great book- not so great movie. 
Water for Elephants
This one was a good read- it was a fast read for me, but was very interesting. 

Now for books I want to read: (I don't have many on my Pinterest since I have read a lot of them so far)
Want to try to read this was told it was a very good readWas told it was a good read
I was told all those books were great books to read- a bit sad, but great. 
I still need to read these ones from him- I really like Nicholas Sparks as an author his books are great. 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Let's Talk Fridays

Today I want to talk about perceptions. How do people perceive you?
 Is it right to judge someone based on their physical appearance. In today's world, we have a few people that are over weight. People judge those that are over weight- they may think that the over weight person doesn't work out- or eat healthy. Some times that may be true, but other times it could be genetics and that they cannot control it.
So why are we so judgmental of people's weight?
What about how they look and dress? Are we judgmental about that? I feel some people are. Think about this- You are walking down the street and you see someone in a trench coat. What is your first thought? Is it fair to judge someone based on how they are dressed?
Now what about accents and dialects? Most people think that the way you talk describes the type of education that you had. Is it fair to think that way?
What do you think on all of this?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Tuesday night...
So my upstairs neighbor had extra strawberries from strawberry picking. Yum yum yum! So I decided to make strawberry jam. I washed the berries, mushed them up, boiled them with sugar and lemon juice.  After that I put it in the fridge to become...for lack of a better word Jammy. Well, my patient was running low and I moved it to the freezer. I know if I had put Pectin in my jam, it would be jammy. but I don't relly like how jelly like pectin makes my jam. 
 Right now, my jam looks more like sauce.   :(

I checked on my Jam after moving it back to the fridge before bed last night and ...It looks like jam! Yay! It tastes really yummy. So for those of you who want to try to make the Jam I did here is my recipe:

  • Take straw berries- wash them, cut off the green part, mush up the strawberries, set aside. 
  • In a sauce pan, put in about 2 cups of sugar for every pound of strawberries you have, and the Juice from one lemon for every pound of strawberries. 
  • I then added the strawberries and boiled it all together.
That's about it. 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pinteresting Sundays

Today for Pinteresting Sunday's I will not be talking about wedding stuff. Instead I am going to talk about baking. One of my hobbies are to bake and make things in the kitchen. I really like doing that. I remember growing up watching my mom bake all the time, and wishing I was as good as her. Now that Pinterest is around there are many recipes to choose from to make.
First let's start off with something I did make:
(As always the picture will take you to the link)

Chocolate chip oreo cookies..the best of both worlds!
Chocolate Chip Oreo Cookies. These were very yummy and very soft. 

Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies These too were soft and cake like. 

Oreo Truffles

Oreo Truffles- A classic for those who like Oreos. 

Now for things I want to try:


Tiramisu - My Favorite

White Chocolate Lemon Truffles. Velvety, smooth and perfectly simple. A little taste of sunshine to celebrate spring.

White Chocolate Lemon Truffles- Who doesn't like Lemons.
 I really want to try this, especially for summer. It looks like the perfect summer treat. 

Cannoli dip -- must try this, it may be as close to a cannoli as i can get in this state I must live in

A Canolli dip-
WI does not have Canoli's I spent weeks and weeks looking for them.
 I guess the dip will be as close as I can get. 

If you have any favorite recipes please share them in the comment section.



Friday, June 15, 2012

Let's talk Fridays

For this Friday I want to discuss whether or not people should spank their kids. Where does the line between discipline and child abuse start? Back in my day (yes I am saying that) parents were allowed to give their child a swat on the butt if they misbehaved. I know I was swatted when I ran away in a mall once. After that, I never ran away again. 

Today it seems that if a parent even touches their child, they have to watch out for abuse. Why is that? When did this world come to this? Now we have kids that do not know what the word no means, they do not know how to listen or show respect to their elders.  I really feel that if we continue on this path, our intellect level will go down because teacher will not be able to do anything in their classroom as a behavior management plan. 

Please, please share your thoughts on all of this 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wedding tips

 I have heard rumors about "How did I pay for my wedding"

To break it down, I received a gift from each of my parents. My mom and step dad gave me a certain amount- and informed me that what they gave me, will go to all the kids (so since there are 6 of us on that side, they need that amount for 6 kids.) My dad and step-mom paid for other things. When I totaled up what they paid for it was close to what my mom and step dad gave me. I covered the rest. Here is how a college student pays for a wedding.

  1.  Look for deals- because my wedding was on a Friday, I didn't have a delivery fee for the cake or florist. I also did not have to pay for my venue- it was just the food. 
  2. Cut back on the expensive food. Your guest really do not need that $150 tray of crackers, come on crackers are crackers. You can get the least expensive food for the cocktail hour, and no one will notice. As for the dinner, go with what you like, but keep it in your price range. 
  3. Get your center pieces while on sale. You can buy $5 or more vases, but if you need 15 vases, at $5 that adds up. Instead, look for deals. every part to my centerpieces  (Minus the flowers) were all only a dollar each. I looked around for deals of what I wanted and jumped when I found the deals. 
  4. Coupons are your friends, also getting to know the staff at the stores you buy stuff from.They can be very helpful. 
  5.  Looking on line, and doing DIY within reasons. Some DIY costs more, some costs less. You need to look at prices and see what would be better. 
Those are my tips for how to pay for it. Now saving up it very important, as well as working as much as you can. Those will help anyone afford the wedding of their dreams. 



Monday, June 11, 2012

Drying Flowers and organizing

Yesterday I started the process of drying my flowers. I want to dry the flowers, then get a bunch of clear Christmas ornaments, fill those with the flower(and or petals) and hang them on my tree. I really hope it works out well. I can check on the flowers in a a lot. I used Silica Gel to keep the natural color of the flowers, so I'm really hoping it works since I have never used it before.

I have come to the conclusion that my place is too small for everything that my husband and I have gotten for/from the wedding. We have been organizing like crazy, but just didn't have space. Thankfully I have now be able to convince him to give up his old clothes that don'e fit him. I have discovered that he is a pack rat and likes to keep EVERYTHING. Hopefully we, can come to a great medium. That's all for now.


Saturday, June 9, 2012

Beautiful wedding

I am now a married women! YAY! The wedding was beautiful. The ceremony....honestly, I could not have asked for anything better. The music  was done wonderfully, the church was very nice, the homily was perfect. In fact, I could not have had a better homily. My parents even got a copy, and now everyone that was at the wedding is wondering if they can get a copy too. I really, well, my husband (I can't believe I get to say husband now)  could not, I repeat could not have had a more beautiful homily than the one Father wrote. It made everything perfect.
           During the vows, my husband started to cry, which in turn made a bunch of people tear up and cry. I feel so blessed to have the love of my life, and to have him be so sweet and with such a gentle heart.  As one of his brothers said last night " My husband really is a grizzly bear with a teddy bear heart."
               The speeches during the dinner were perfect. They started with my mom and ended with one of my husband's brothers. My mom had such a sweet speech to start off, she even threw in a few jokes which made it great. :) After that it went to the wedding party, my sister had a great really showed the relationship we have had.  The Best man (one of my husband's brothers) had an awesome speech! I really liked it a lot. My friend had such a  sweet one about the two of us naming the boys we liked in code, so we could talk about them and no on would know. And last, the speech that made me cry. The last speech, was perfect and got a standing ovation.
   After that, it was dancing and partying and fun. I had a blast. I'm so glad that everything went smooth and awesome.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wedding and things

My wedding is Friday, so, come tomorrow I will be not around Therefore I figured I should talk about my wedding and things.
First the wedding.
    To say it was a piece of cake for planning is an understatement It was hard.  I have learned, to plan a wedding is a lot of work. Therefore, I only plan to do this once. I cannot handle the stress that comes from the guests, the wedding party, the  vendors, and all the other outside forces. Not to mention the stress that come from each other. I know my wonderful Fiance and I have gotten into lots of spats recently, and I know we don't mean them. We are both under a lo of stress. I really cannot wait until the wedding day on  Friday. I know we are going to have a blast.
       For the things, my little political rant: Why do people not spay/neuter their pets. Newsflash, we don't need your dog going around and humping other dogs at the dog park. And we don't need a dog having puppies and then throwing those puppies on the street. One, those puppies are super cute, and should be in a humane society, two spay your dog.  I honestly do not understand why people do not do these things.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Boat on the road

Raise your hand if while you were in your car, sitting in an intersection, a boat hit you.  Anyone? 
 I know ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Yes, a boat hit my car, while my Fiance and I were waiting at a stop light.  
How does this happen?
1. I did not see lights on the trailer, but I guess there were some.
2. The guy back up
3. We had no time to move/ was not able to move since we were at an intersection
My car gets hit by a boat.  


Friday, June 1, 2012

Let's talk Fridays

I am not one to write about politics. I don't like conflict, and I'm tired of people always arguing. but sometimes, I think adding a bit of fuel to the fire may be fun.  So I have decided to start...Let's talk Fridays. The whole part of Let's talk Fridays is for me (and you) to talk about things that may be on your mind. 
So let's talk about discrimination.

 I feel there are times when the world is against short people. Why might  I say this? Because, it took a very long time for the fashion world to develop "short" pant lengths. They had, tall and regular for the longest time, but it was, and still is very hard to find "short". Furthermore, the "short" pant sizes are not that short.  I know people who are 5'5" and  they have to buy the short lengths because everything else is too long. But what about those who are under 5'2"? The short length still drags. Thankfully, a few stores have "extra short" but that is still too long on us short people. 

What about the wedding world, or the world of having to hem clothes? Hemming something is not that hard to do, unless it has a pattern or stripes.  So why is it that the more you have to cut off for a hem, the more money it costs?  And what about the rides and games that all those fun places have? The height requirement is for safety, but really- as an adult, I should be able to go on a ride with out having to be test all the time to see if I'm tall enough.  Hence- I feel the world is against short people. 

Please leave your comments and let me know what you think. 

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