Sunday, November 23, 2014

How to do laundry with a baby

I am going to write a funny post.

How to do laundry with a baby

  1.  Gather all the laundry. Do not set the laundry basket by the baby. 
  2. If you made the mistake of setting the basket by the baby or the baby crawled to the basket, please re-gather all the laundry. 
  3. Take care of the baby melt-down that occured from you putting the dirty clothing back into the basket. 
  4. Put the clothing into the washing machine. 
  5. Snuggle and play with baby.
  6. Put the wet laundry in the dryer, while holding the baby to prevent a meltdown since mommy went to a different room and he can't see her. 
  7.  Pick up while the baby naps. 
  8. Start putting clean baby clothing away while baby naps. 
  9. Baby wakes up and is crying. 
  10. Leave the clean clothing in the laundry basket until the next time baby naps.  
And that is how you do laundry with a 10 month old.

Friday, November 7, 2014

I'm back

I am back.
I took a hiatus from writing for a while. I was struggling trying to figure out what I wanted to write. I was looking for that light, those words that I knew would be worth reading. While, now I know.

Tomorrow is Winston's 4th birthday. I can't believe that my pup is no longer a puppy but a dog and that I have had him for over 3 years. I feel that time has started to fly. This year I shopped local for his present. I went to a small local pet store and got him some chew toys designed to clean his teeth. I have been bad at brushing his teeth lately so I am hoping this will help.

I have also started working on birthday presents for my son. I have decided to do 25 books as a count down for Christmas. Each day in December we will open a new book to read at bedtime. Both my husband and I are very excited to do this. We have 6 books already wrapped. Even though my son is only 10 months, we believe this will be a great family tradition. 

Friday, August 15, 2014

School Days

I know, I know. I have been pretty absent this summer. You see, I have been very busy,setting up my classrooms. Yes, you read that right, classrooms. I now am a working mother. I have a job teaching ESL at a local school district. So, naturally, I have been setting up me rooms, and making sure to get all the cuddles I can with peanut and Winston. It has been difficult, but I am making it work. I will try to update and write more. For now, here is a cute picture of my peanut.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Long time no post

Hi all,

It has been a month since I last posted..where has that time gone?!?!
I am going to do one big post!

So, this nifty website called Influenster sent me a box and goodies. And I am now going to review them.

 I loved the bold look the mascara gave me. As someone with short eye lashes, good mascara is a nessesaty of mine, and it needs to work well with my sensitive eyes. Well, the mascara gave me a #Retroglam look. :) I will be buying Rimmel again!

I enjoyed the lotion. I love lotion and the Nivea Lotion was wasweome. It made my skin super soft. I also liked using the air fresner in my car.

Other than that, I haven't used my other products. .I haven't needed the playtax or the nails.

My son is now 6 months and has started food.  He is having a blast with it and so am I. We are using Baby Led Weaning. I am going to do a whole different post on that topic.

Lastly,  I have my dream job.

Thursday, June 19, 2014


Do you ever feel the need to bake? I do. Sometimes the feeling gets so deep that all I can imagine doing is throwing caution to the wind and baking. Anything and everything. Cookies; brownies;  cakes and cupcakes. It's harder than I thought, baking with a baby. But now that I can start to time some of my peanuts naps I can bake.

Which means one thing....look out readers for new recipes that I am going to try.


Saturday, June 14, 2014

Mommy notes

Oh motherhood.  I have changed so much in such a short time. Yes I still love to read, bake , and knit. But I also love my son. And I have learned that things on the mommy are not as easy as things seem.

Take feeding my son. For example, Jeffrey is breastfed. He only gets milk from me. Who would have thought how I decided to feed him can cause so much controversy.

Then there are those who don't vaccinate.  You all already know how I feel about that.

There are also people who have issues with circumcision.  Really,  an issue with that. Who really cares.

Just some mommy notes.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Time to catch up


Sorry I have been absent but the past few weeks have been crazy. It started with a wedding reception in which I made some desserts for. I am very proud of my work since the cup cakes I made were 100% vegan.

Then it was just getting ready for June. I realized that on Tuesday June 3rd my baby turned 5 months and it was the one year anniversary of my husband and I sitting in the Dr's office finding out we were expecting.

Lastly, it is getting set for our two year wedding anniversary and my husband's first father's day.
I am not going to share what I got him just become well, I don't want him to know


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Spring has sprung!

It is green outside! That makes me very, very, very happy. I  love when it transitions from brown to green. The leaves all look new and bring on new life! There is the smell of fresh cut grass and the sounds of kids playing in the park and dog playing too.  I love it! Do you love it? his is about all I have time for today, but... have a great spring day!

Friday, May 9, 2014


I am a baseball girl. I love baseball, especially baseball games. The atmosphere, the excitement, the tight pants (yes...I went there)  and this week, my beloved Yankees are playing against the Brewers. While, being a resident of WI, one would think, that I would be rooting for the Brew team, but no...sorry, I'm still a New York girl in my heart. so, for my post this week....

Let's go Yankees!

Friday, May 2, 2014

I'm 25!

Today is my 25th birthday! I can't believe I have lived a quarter of a century already. This is super exciting. I thought I would feel old, and at times I do, but I feel like I have so much more, than just my age. I feel so blessed with everything. In fact, I can list 25 things I am blessed with.

1. Life. God gave my a wonderful life.
2. My Husband: I feel like the luckiest girl in the world with him. He is a wonderful man, who does so much for me and our son, and I am truly blessed to have him in my life

3. My son: I have never realized how become a mom would be such a blessing. 

For more beautiful sayings about being a mother to a little boy, please check out Disney baby's blog.

4. Winston. He stole my heart the first time I laid eyes on him, and I know he loves me. 

5. My family, my mom,step dad, dad, step mom, siblings, and my in-laws. Family is important, and I have learned in my 25 years of life, that family is more than just blood. 
6. Speaking of family being more than blood, my friends. I am blessed to have friends who I can count on. 
7. I can't keep mentioning my family, without having a special spot for my mom. I am very blessed to have her in my life. She has taught me so much; from helping me in school, to helping me learn how to cook and bake, to just talking to me about every day life, and now helping me with my motherhood journey. I am very blessed for her in my life. 

8. My siblings. With out them, I don't know what I would be. I know, even though we fight, that we all love each other and that we would do anything for each other. I hope I can bless my son with siblings. 
9. My education. Something I want to be able to instill in my son is a thirst for knowledge and to never stop learning. Having an education is a blessing, one that women weren't able to get, and one that some countries are still fighting for, so all their children can go to school. 
10. My safety. For this one, I am thinking about how blessed I am to live in a country where men and women go to war, and risk their lives just so I can have a family, pray, go to church and get an education. 
11.  Being able to love music. From my love of singing (and if I can toot my own horn, being able to sing) as well as knowing how to play the flute and dance. I am blessed with those talents. 
12. Speaking of talents, I am blessed to have a grandmother who knitted and crocheted items for me. Her love to work with her hands, and helping me learn, was and still is a blessing. 

13. My friend Becky. We have been friends since we were 7. Over half our lives. She is always there for me and I know I can count on her. I am very  blessed to have her and her family in my life. 

14.My siblings. I really want my son to grow up with siblings.

15. My friend Brit, the best friend I made in college.

16. And Joy, my best friend from camp. If you haven't worked at a camp, or gone to one, I suggest, if you ever have children, send them to camp. It is so much fun. 

17. MY step-dad. He is a wonderful man, who makes my mom happy.
18. My Dad and step mom. My step mom has been so warm and caring, it really makes me wonder where the term "evil step-mom" came from, because I know I don't have one.
19. My non-blood family. Family is not made up of just blood. IT really ins't (and I can't stress that enough) but it can range from friends, to step family to any one. Someone else who I am blessed with a women whom I am very lucky to have in my life. My old church in college did an adopt a student program and my mother through that is wonderful and great. 
20. Love. The ability to love and be loved. I am blessed for that. 
21.A roof over my head. I forget I take that for granted, but always remember it when it rains. 
22. And food on the table. Not everyone in the world is lucky enough to have that.
23. All my first world items; phone, computer,and such.
24. You readers.
25. And of course, today being my birthday. 

See, 25 reasons why I am blessed. I have lived a great 25 years and I hope to be able to live many more years. 

Monday, April 28, 2014

Baby wearing

I have decided to do a mini post on baby wearing, with pictures of me and how I wrap my wrap, so I can wear my baby to write these posts. (Wow, holy run on sentence batman)

I have found, being short, baby wearing is a bit of a challenge. I still can't do some activities like cook(I don't want to hurt him with any splatter from the stove) or dishes, because I can't reach the sink. But for other activites, it's perfects. Plus, he loves to nap on me and hear my heart beat.

My wrap is a woven wrap, s it isn't stretchy, but I like that, I feel he is safer and held tighter/closer into me. Now for how I wear him.

1. I grab my wrap and fold in half hot dog style. I find the middle and place it with the folded part down and the opening up on my lower torso.

2. I take the two side pieces and cross them behind me and bring them to the front. I make sure that the openings are facing in toward each other.

3. I then slide the two front pieces underneath the middle pieces. And cross them again, creating a pocket for my son to sit in. (This is very similar to the Moby wrap style, if not exactly how to wrap a Moby)

4. I wrap the two sleeves around me and tie a knot in back. Now for adding my son. I do this from the Molby website I linked about. I practiced and practiced in front of a mirror for a while and even had my husband help me at first. But, for starters, I open the wrap and on the side closes to me, I slide my son onto the sleeve pocket.  (Watch the head. I would do a different hold if your baby doesn't have good head control. My son is resting his head on me while I'm holding him)

5. Then I slide the other sleeve over the one that my son is in, creating a small pocket for him. It looks like a V when he is in the sleeves. 

6. I then pull the middle piece (from the very beginning up over him. So his back has support. I also make sure there is some under his legs,giving them support. That way he is sitting froggy leg style. I also make sure he can breath, so I move his head to where he isn't buried in me or fabric. I make sure that every thing is nice and tight (including the knot behind me, some times I need to loosen it and re-tie it.) and then wear him. 

When he wants out, I lower the middle piece and pull him out. He loves being worn around the house, and loves it when I dance while wearing him.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Winston time

I have been a bad furbaby mom. I have not been spending as much time as I would like with Winston, and he knows it. He is very jealous of JT. So much so, that I have had to stop Wimston from marking JT and all his things. So, to my wonderful readers, I come to you with a problem...what can I do?

I try my best to give him attention, and to cuddle at night, but I know it's not as much as before. I want my doggy to feel loved. Do you readers have any ideas to help me?


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

I have a few things to share. Today is my son's first Easter, and yes the bunny came. It was wonderful to see  his face as we showed him what the Easter Bunny got him.

And of course, the main reason of Easter, Our Lord, Jesus Christ has Risen today!


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

14.5 weeks

I cannot believe that on Friday, this Friday, I will have been a mom for 15 weeks.  In those 15 weeks, I have learned so much about life. I never knew before that I could function on little to no sleep. But, I can.  And I never knew that I could love some one so much, but I do. My little boy, is so precious to me.  He is adorable, and I  love him so very much.

I can tell that his dad loves him too. It makes me smile when I see my husband and son playing together. Last night, my husband gave him a bath, and you could just tell that both he and my husband were having fun.


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