Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Happy NFP week!

Back in March I wrote a post about me, using NFP and it working for me. I know that with my new pregnancy some people may think that's not the case. But they are wrong, this baby that I am currently carrying is planned.
 Here is the link to the post:  http://shortsmallandinlove.blogspot.com/2015/03/i-use-nfp-and-it-works.html?spref=fb

 This week is national Natural Family Planning Week.  I know some people are against it, they think we will have 10+ children. That is not true. As I wrote in my post back in March, NFP is effective if done correctly.  I posted that I use NFP because of my faith. That is very true, but another reason I use NFP is it is free. Free from all hormones, free from additives, free from carcinogens, and free from putting a foreign item in my body. I really enjoy all of that. It is nice, to know I have control over that, when we don't have control over what goes in our food. No, I am not a hippie, I am someone who wants to make sure that I can keep my NF under control and if that means watching what I eat and what goes inside me, that I will do. Plus, it is really nice to what is going on with my body.


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