Monday, April 28, 2014

Baby wearing

I have decided to do a mini post on baby wearing, with pictures of me and how I wrap my wrap, so I can wear my baby to write these posts. (Wow, holy run on sentence batman)

I have found, being short, baby wearing is a bit of a challenge. I still can't do some activities like cook(I don't want to hurt him with any splatter from the stove) or dishes, because I can't reach the sink. But for other activites, it's perfects. Plus, he loves to nap on me and hear my heart beat.

My wrap is a woven wrap, s it isn't stretchy, but I like that, I feel he is safer and held tighter/closer into me. Now for how I wear him.

1. I grab my wrap and fold in half hot dog style. I find the middle and place it with the folded part down and the opening up on my lower torso.

2. I take the two side pieces and cross them behind me and bring them to the front. I make sure that the openings are facing in toward each other.

3. I then slide the two front pieces underneath the middle pieces. And cross them again, creating a pocket for my son to sit in. (This is very similar to the Moby wrap style, if not exactly how to wrap a Moby)

4. I wrap the two sleeves around me and tie a knot in back. Now for adding my son. I do this from the Molby website I linked about. I practiced and practiced in front of a mirror for a while and even had my husband help me at first. But, for starters, I open the wrap and on the side closes to me, I slide my son onto the sleeve pocket.  (Watch the head. I would do a different hold if your baby doesn't have good head control. My son is resting his head on me while I'm holding him)

5. Then I slide the other sleeve over the one that my son is in, creating a small pocket for him. It looks like a V when he is in the sleeves. 

6. I then pull the middle piece (from the very beginning up over him. So his back has support. I also make sure there is some under his legs,giving them support. That way he is sitting froggy leg style. I also make sure he can breath, so I move his head to where he isn't buried in me or fabric. I make sure that every thing is nice and tight (including the knot behind me, some times I need to loosen it and re-tie it.) and then wear him. 

When he wants out, I lower the middle piece and pull him out. He loves being worn around the house, and loves it when I dance while wearing him.

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