Sunday, December 15, 2013

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,
  I haven't sent you a letter in a long time, but figure why not now? There are only a few things I want for Christmas, besides everything listed in this song.

I want the school shootings to stop. I don't understand why they happen. I feel bad for the families of the victims, but I also feel bad for the family of the suspects. Of the shooters, because they suffer a heart ache too. I think, maybe, there is a solution somewhere out there, and with you being Santa, you can help find it.  You are suppose to represent good old Saint Nick, a patron saint of children, whose feast day is December 6th.  You also represent magic, and belief in all things good. With this special time of year, Jesus's birthday coming up, I wish (even though I would like these items) not for baby items, camera, sewing machines, and such, but for their to truly be peace. 


1 comment:

P!nky said...

It's so sad! It does need to stop NOW!!!

What a pretty song! :)

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