Thursday, February 13, 2014

What is offensive?

A recent post from a facebook friend got me thinking what is offensive? My friend has been through a lot and her story isn't one for me to share, and yet, instead of showing support, people aren't.

I have always thought that people loved baby pictures and why not, they are so cute. Yet, not everyone loves all baby pictures. So, I am going to share some picutres of my son. These are a bit more on the...graphic, real life, sad, heart breaking side of life.  And to some people, these would be classified as offensive.

 Right before they put in the nasal cannula so he could breath. 

Treatments to help him breath.

His transport to the NICU

Waving around his IVs

Wrapped up in a Bili Blanket to heal his Jaundice

 Can you tell me what picture or pictures could be offensive?  I guess people don't want to see pictures of a baby that isn't healthy. But, not all babies are born healthy, and sometimes, parents need support instead of being told not to share.



Kristen said...

he is so so precious! I could look at baby pictures all day. My cousin was due with her son on January 3, 2013 and had him 3 months early on October 31, 2012. He was the tiniest little thing but it was amazing to watch him gain strength and become healthy. Miracle babies I tell you, and that should be celebrated!

Leah Pellicane said...

None of these pictures are offensive, he is a gift and perfect in every way!

Dani said...

Leah, I agree, he is prefect in every way.

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