Saturday, February 21, 2015

Avocado recipies

In our house there is one food that can make everyone (but Winston) happy. That food is avocado. Peanut lights up when he sees me grab one. My husband and I have decided that Peanut's favorite food is avocado. Since he loves it so much, my husband and I have been coming up with different ways to incorporate it into our meals.

There is the ever classic guacamole:

  • Grab how ever many avocados you want
  • garlic cloves (I use 1 clove for 2 avocados- so grab the amount that you need) 
  • Onion (I cut up a quarter of a small onion for 2 avocados)
  • Lemon juice
  • Lime juice
  • dash of salt and pepper
I mix everything together, squeeze half a lemon and lime over the guacamole, mix that and serve.

I also have added avocado to :

  • grilled cheese
  • chicken salad
  • tuna fish
  • baked chicken
  • turkey burgers
  • and so much more. 

I love experimenting with it, and really love seeing Peanut's face when he has some.


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