Sunday, February 1, 2015

Silly Stories

As I sit here, finishing up some lesson planning and making a site words book for some some my students, I can't help but laugh.

This week has been crazy, but crazy good. School was school, my students are wonderful and I feel that I am doing a pretty good job. Can I improve, you bet ya, and I hope that I do improve. I really do.

Home has been fun. My son is walking all over the place. But he doesn't just walk, he runs. He runs fast. He chases after Winston and plays ball and fetch. He loves to run up to Dada when he gets home. It is the sweetest thing in the world to see.

Peanut has not only started walking, but he has a big personality. He says no, stop, isses (for kisses), up, naa( More) as well as the classic Nana, Papa, Mama, and Dada. He loves to eat solid food and does a wonderful job at it.

Now to a silly story. The other day my peanut walked on over to my wonderful husband said isses and stuck his cheek right into my husbands face.

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