Monday, April 7, 2014

Free stuff

Who doesn't like free stuff?

I do. And since my son has now been sleeping for 2 hours, I'm able to get some blog posts written up for this week. (yay)

Anyways, so one of my mommy group (yes, I am in a mommy group) suggested I try this website.

From what I learned of it, you set up a profile and you get free items. The thing is, I never entered my address, so how do I get these free items?

Okay, so there is more to it, then setting up a profile, You fill out surveys, you write reviews of different products, you invite people...basically you build am on-line social site dedicated to items you like. When a company finds you, then you are suppose to get a free box of goodies.

Since I want my free goodie box, if you want to sign up...go right ahead. If not, that's okay too.


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