Saturday, January 10, 2015

Thing that make me smile

There are some things that make me smile no matter what, and there are days where I need that. The items in my list just make me smile and giggle even if I am having the worst of days.

  1. Baby giggles- it is like magic twinkling bells. Seriously, if you need a laugh or to smile find a baby. 
  2. Baby smiles- they are the same thing as baby giggles only silent
  3. Watching my family play together- this one is especially true when my son and dog play together.
  4. Doggy kisses- come on, if a dog is kissing you how can you not smile?
  5. Being outside- In winter (especially when it is -40 outside) being out in the warm sun after months of staying in is amazing.
and of course seeing this picture of his fear of Santa.

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