Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Why morning sickness isn't just morning sickness

I am a survivor, not only of NF, but of HG.

What is HG you may ask, HG is known as Hyperemesis Gravidarum, and it is a pregnancy complication. When I got pregnant, I know I went away from my blog. I had too, because looking at a computer screen made me sick. Every thing made me sick, which was a symptom of the HG.

HG occurs in 2% of pregnancies and is sadly miss labeled as "Just some Morning sickness" but it isn't. It is more than bad morning sickness. It is characterized by a few different symptoms

1. Extreme and persist nausea and vomiting
2. Dehydration
3. Electrolyte imbalances
4. Extreme fatigue
5. Depression
6. Head aches and confusion
7. Fainting
8. Low blood pressure

There are many different ways to treat HG. Many people know of using Zofran for treatment. I tried it and it didn't help me. I ended up in the ER with an IV. I like to think that the Duchess Kate and I have something in common. We both had HG.

My HG story is a simple one. I have Moderate HG. While I did need an IV a few times, I never needed a Zofran Pump or PICC line. But, I did spend days on the bathroom floor and plenty of days laying in bed. I couldn't move with out getting sick. It was a good day for me when I could count the number of times I puked on one hand. But, it was a bad day, if I was up to two or more hands. It was a bad day when I couldn't leave the bathroom floor. It was a bad day when nothing I ate stayed in me.

If, you or any one you know are suffering from HG, you are not alone. I found this website (http://www.helpher.org/) recently and wish that I had found it while pregnant. It provides wonderful information and plenty of resources.  If you have a family member with HG, please be supportive.

Do Not say it is just Morning Sickness.
Do Not make fun of her for puking.
Do Not comment on her looks.
Do Not say she is exaggerating.

Do hold her hair back.
Do support her when she does find something that she can eat.
Do pray with her to have a safe and healthy delivery.


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