Tuesday, May 22, 2012


The due date for all my RSVPS are tomorrow. Since they are going to my mom's I don't know much about who has an who hasn't RSVPed. I don know who has said no, so I'm going to take it that everyone else has said yes. In that count, it means that I have about a 6% decline rate. (If I did my math correctly).  I do wonder why people take so long to RSVP.  I know some don't know their guest, or if they can make it,  but what about those couples that don't RSVP in time? I saw this on another blog and thought it was very cute.. 

 I''m not feeling this way about my RSVPs(maybe I will if we don't get them all back) but I'll see. I know people are busy. 

So, with RSVPs come table places and escort cards. Instead of doing table numbers, I'm doing names(and they are names of famous couples. I think that will be really cool and unique. What a better way to celebrate love then with famous couples about love. 

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