Thursday, May 24, 2012

 A year ago yesterday, I was moving into my apartment and there were tornadoes. A few miles away,  a poor little puppy was running around. He got lost in the storm and ended up at the Humane Society.  My poor little Winston.  When I got him, he was super, duper thin.  In fact, you could see all of his ribs. Now that he's plumped up, he looks so much healthier. Next week he is going to the vet, for all of those check ups. I hope everything will be good. 

Having a dog has taught me a lot. The first thing, is your life is not your own any more. You need to remember to feed him (If you don't they throw up). Remembering to let them go outside when they wake up and after they eat, and any other time they need to go out.  Walks, baths, toys. they are a lot of work. But they are also so very cute. I'm come one, look at his face. Does that not say "cuteness"?

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