Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The wedding countdown has begun. (actually it began the minute we finalized a date. At that point I remember being like 500 days or something from the wedding and it seemed so far away.)
No, I'm only 23 days from the wedding. On Friday I'm gonna finish paying off the cake. Which will be very yummy and  will be a surprise for all the guests. I can't wait to see their response. 

         One thing I know people will like will be my shoes. I originally wanted a pair of shoes named "the Dani" but after trying them on and seeing them in person, they fell just a little short. :) So I went on a search for shoes and found the perfect pair. 

                The shoes are Touch up's Brie. They are very comfy. I've worn them a few times to break them in and I know I will have to wear them more. So far I've gotten up to bout 5 hours of being able to wear them straight with out pain. I hope to spend an entire day in them so I will be set for the wedding. 
                       The fabric the shoes  are around came from my dress. I'm using that fabric to wrap my bouquet. The flowers will be another blog post (so you have to some back ;)

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