Thursday, September 5, 2013

19 weeks, 21 more to go

Good Thursday Morning,

There will be no "bump" picture today. Since I am doing this while on the road.

So to start:

Baby is the size of a Mango or for Dads the baby is now the size of a square tissue box, (which seems so much bigger than a Mango) and is about 8.5 oz.
The baby now has hair on his/her head and is developing the 5 senses.  The white coating called Vernix has started to develop, the baby is moving around. Once in a while, I can feel little flutters, so I think the kid must be kicking.

Symptoms: Let's see...I still have some morning sickness, (It's not too bad just once or twice a day now) and I'm still super tired. My asthma has kicked it up to high gear and  my feet has started to hurt. Otherwise, nothing else.

Gender Prediction: Still  have no clue. Right now my family thinks the baby is going to be a boy, so they have already given "him" a nickname based on what his name will be if he is a boy. I guess for that one needs cravings to tell.... so meat, chocolate and that's about it.

Oh and I followed my doctors orders yesterday and had a cheese burger. If that isn't high in calories than I don't know what is.

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