Sunday, September 29, 2013

A shopping list

Happy Sunday!

As my husband and are just about set up in our new home, we matter how you move (wit movers or by yourself) you always end-up misplacing items. Of course sometimes it's because the item we are looking for gets thrown away.

So now we have decided that this week will be devoted to getting the items we need. Which include a broom. Right now our tile floors feel so dirty under my feet. Along with the broom with need other cleaning supplies which to me means this once we get all the cleaning supplies we need.

Yes, clean all the things including Winston, who had a bath the other day. He is pretty good with baths. Yet he needs them more and more, mainly because he has a nice new yard with pine trees and the pine tree sap and needles which he loves to roll around in. Why...I don't know? I guess it is a puppy thing. 


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