Thursday, September 12, 2013


Today marks the day! I'm halfway baked!

So, the baby is the size of a banana, or the size of whoopee cushion (if you know what those are)
The baby is about 10 oz and 6.5 inches long. 
This week, the baby has taste buds! That's exciting! This baby also like to be by my bladder I found out and kick it. Especially at night or when I'm sleeping. 

So symptoms: I'm still super tired, but now I can go about 24-48 hours without throwing up! I still have morning sickness just not as bad. I haven't experienced anything else though...maybe I will in time. I have been having weird maybe that is a sign. 

We move to our new place this weekend and I'm super excited to be able to buy baby stuff. We haven't bought anything yet, but now I'm thinking we might want too. 

Gender predictions: All my family is still on the boy route, and I still have no feeling what so ever. So what do you all think?


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