Thursday, September 19, 2013

21 weeks and our computer broke

Somehow, during the move, our laptop must have fell.  The inside of the screen is cracked. Ugh...just what we need.  But the move is going alright! We are almost done unpacking boxes, and I have realized...the next move we make I better not be pregnant. Mainly because I was so sick, that I had to leave Jeffrey in charge of packing. While....he doesn't pack how I like too (I like to color code and keep everything from the same room in the same box). But he is my husband and I love him

Now onto my 21 week update:

I will post the picture a little later.

Baby is the size of a pomegranate or the size of an 80's Fanny Pack. (Wow I haven't thought of those for a long time) The baby has grown 4 inches this week!

Symptoms: Still super tired, still sick, and now I'm starting to get some pain in my lower back going down into my right leg. It is also getting harder to get comfortable at night for sleeping.

No new baby purchases yet...Maybe soon. We will see.

Gender: Let me hear it, what do you think?

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