Thursday, September 26, 2013

22 weeks!

Today I am 22 weeks. Below the picture is from 2 different days. So how do I look?

Are you ready...The baby is getting nice a big, 10.5 to 11.8 inches. The size of a papaya, spaghetti squash or  baseball mitt (which the baby could be that size for the next 2 weeks) . My baby is almost a pound too!

He/she can hear voice and music and other noises that are outside the womb now. I wonder if that means that my baby is listening to the spice girls with me that I listen too when I clean? His/her little face is fully formed (and I get a sneak peak of that face on Monday!) Seedling is sleeping now about 12-14 hours a day and when he/she isn't sleeping, I'm getting kicked right below my belly button and my left side.  The baby also has eyebrows!  I wonder how the facial expressions look?

Symptoms for me: Still sick, still tired, oh and I have found that I need my inhaler more. Let's see, I have also been having some head aches and lower back pain. According to my apps and books, I might get some stretch marks starting now...we will see how that goes. 

Any updates/ purchase/ other news : The new apartment is slowly coming together. I'm super excited because I can now exercise!!!!!  I've gained some weight (Which is great) and I got to hear the baby's heart beat at this last appointment (150) 

Gender guesses: So for the past few weeks everyone has said boy, boy, boy. Me, I have no clue, sometimes I dream boy, sometimes I dream girl, sometimes I dream monkey or dog or alien baby. But now, I'm having people say girl. What do you think? 


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Kristen said...

You are half way there...I cant even believe it. Time must be going so fast for you! Loving the bump. The picture on the left, is that a maternity top cause it's so cute! I swear maternity tops/outfits are so much cuter than normal lol.

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