Friday, April 26, 2013

Dear Friday

Dear Friday
    I am so happy that you have finally arrived and you arrived with sunshine. Dear Sun, please, please stay for a long time. I have missed you and your warm touch. Which  lead to the song I want to share- it's an old one, but a good one.

Dear Winston, I love how cuddly you are. Today we are going for a nice long walk. We are also going to see if the dog park has opened. Next week I may have you write a blog post, so start thinking of your topic please.  Dear Jeff, I love you and can't believe that we have been married for almost a year. Dear blog readers, what type of topics to you like reading? What do you want to see me write about more.


KrissyGirl said...

That song is wonderful! I've always loved her. Oh Winston. We're going for a walk today too with our puppy. We have anew dog park that opened not far from our house. We've been once. They have an area for big dogs and one for small dogs which is amazing. I've only seen one big area for a dog park. My dog isnt the friendly so its difficult to take him there.

Its gorgeous out isnt it :)

Dani said...

I love the weather and how nice it is. We just got back from a run. Winston is pooped now.

Steph said...

That song is the perfect choice for the sunshine we are *finally* getting!

(I found your blog on the BlogConnect forum and am a new follower!)

Revamp Spunky Rena said...

Hi Lovely, love your awesome blog. I'm your newest follower from blog hop. Followed you via GFC,FB,Twitter & Bloglovin'.

Feel free to visit, follow and leave comments @


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