Thursday, April 18, 2013

Random 5!

Hi all,
 My name is Dani. Yesterday Jamie asked me if I wanted to be a co-host and I just couldn't turn it down. I'm hoping that the button below works for everyone.

Toby's Tails
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Today, my thoughts are this...

                    I was  tagged by Kristen from Making each Minute count. So, why not jump right on in.

1.  My lungs suck
I've always had breathing problems since I could remember. Between the stuffed nose, allergies, and the asthma, I can clearly say I have sucky lungs. 
2. I like Grey's Anatomy. 
It's one of my favorite TV shows. 
3. I can play my nose. 
My mom taught me.I can play certain songs on my nose and it really sounds like music. Of course Jeff thinks it's weird and all. But that's okay. 
4. I'm a geek
My favorite classes of all time are linguistics and psychology. I love language. I love different cultures and I love learning about the brain. (I know a geek)
5.  I'm a midget. 
 I don't remember if I talked about this on here yet but I'm under 5 feet so that legally makes me a midget. I'm not a dwarf  because I don't have the genetic code to be a dwarf and I'm over 4 feet.

I forgot to tag people: (oooppps)

Today I'm tagging:
Ashlyn at On Cloud 9
Deanna at The Peony Princess
Heather at Every Girl like Me
Jess at Little Miss Undomestic
 Jazmine at Sassy Burnette

 With the weather being cold, snowy and rainy, I was thinking of investing in some rain boots.  I want them to be bright with a pop of color maybe like this...

Anyways, what do you all think?


Kristen said...

I love Grey's Anatomy too!! I need to catch up on this latest season though, I don't think I've seen the last 3 episodes!

Amie said...

I also enjoy Grey's Anatomy, I love the mix of medicine, surgery, relationships and drama! And, those rain boots are super cute, especially to brighten things up when its gloomy outside.

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