Saturday, August 17, 2013

It's a New Girl time....

I seriously love my Husband. This week-end has been nothing but chaos! If I go into the details, you all would need a coffee break in the middle of reading it, and then a cookies at the end. So to save your eyes, I'm just going to brag about my husband, and his awesome friends who helped us out.

Actually, we are staying with them, until our new place opens up for us. So, it's me, and three guys. In a way, I feel like Jess form New Girl

So, we have all of our stuff in their apartment, along with Winston. Which makes this super fun. Of course, for me, since I couldn't really help with moving items, the first thing I do for all these men is make them dinner. (It's the least I could do, like really, my husband and his friends have been wonderful).  But, in the process of making dinner this was the only  thought going through my head

And then, if anything ends up bugigin me, I might say something like this

Anyways, I'm super excited for this next week. Of course I will be on the road again, but, soon and very soon, I will be posting about my new place. and then maybe...just maybe...we might buy some stuff for the baby. 


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Amie said...

I love when I get to cook for a group of people, it's fun to plan out an actual multi-course meal!

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