Tuesday, November 12, 2013

To be Thankful

Last week I wrote about how I am thankful for my husband. This week there are three things I'm thankful for.
1. Veterans and all those who are serving in out military. I know that I missed Veteran day  as it was yesterday, but that still doesn't mean I'm not thankful for their service. Their sacrifice, everything that they do to keep us safe and protect us. I am thankful for all of that.

2. For Winston.  He is my little boy. He is there to cuddle anytime I want, he also makes me feel better  when I'm sad. He is playful, he is sweet and he is the prefect little dog for me. Plus who couldn't love this face.

3.The last thing I'm thankful for is the fact that I'm here and alive. That I wake up everyday and for all the little things I take for granted. 

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