Monday, February 25, 2013

Do NOT test on animals

Animal testing. What is it, why do companies do it and does a company have to put on a label if they test on animals?   Since this is a controversial topic, I would usually post about this on my Let's talk Friday's (which I know I haven't done in a while) but these questions keep running through my head, especially when I shower or use make-up.

Animal testing can be defined as " Cruel or cruelty free experiments on animals"  To me that doesn't make much sense. How can an experiment be cruelty free? Also do the animals or their owners consent to the testing? Furthermore- why do we test on animals when there are a bunch of people on prison who we could test on (just an idea).  To be honest, people would do a better job since they can communicate and let the researchers know that they are in pain- animals- you have to listen to them, look at their eyes, and see their sad faces. That thought is just too much for me. I would love to see a world where we didn't test on animals what about you?

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