Saturday, February 2, 2013

Date night

I didn't post a let's talk Friday's because I was busy with work and then date night. Which got me thinking...what do you like to do for date night? My husband and I try to switch things up so it's not the same old boring routine.  Last night we went out to dinner and then got dessert and had cake in bed.  A few weeks ago I took him to High Rollers (he didn't do to well) and we skated around the rink.  Sometimes we will watch movie and eat popcorn.

Even if we do something that costs no money or is very cheap, we are doing it together and doing it to keep the romance alive, because that is the important thing about life.  Working on keeping the relationships you have built going.

So, below in the comment section, I want you all to share some fun dates ideas that you have. They could be cheap, or expensive, but the point is, they should keep the relationship alive.

Ciao, and enjoy Date nights.

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