Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Special Annoncemmnt

Hi all are you ready for my announcement!

Yup! Short, small and in Love is growing by 2 feet!  My wonderful Husband and I are expecting! And to answer all questions now, we are team green. We will not find out the sex of our baby (who we refer too as seedling) until after seedling is born. I want it to be a surprise. Mainly because...this is a huge surprise.

I'm due January 30th of 2014 and I cannot wait. I know every women goes through morning sickness. Well, sometimes it sucks. At week 8 of my pregnancy I ended up in the ER for server dehydration. Why was I so dehydrated? Because I was so sick. I was throwing up after every time I tried to eat. In fact, at that point I had been well over 24 hours with out being able to put any food or liquid in my body and have it stay in.  The ER wasn't a fun experience.

But even after that, I've been sick. I have been nothing but tired, and all food just smells horrible. It's been difficult making sure that I can get enough nutrients in my body for me and for my baby. Which had me so worried. At 9/10 weeks I had lost a ton of weight. But I also had a doctors appointment at 10 weeks.

That was unnerving. Using the Dopppler, they weren't' able to find the heart beat. And then a few days after that, I started spotting and have cramps. I also got super dizzy. I went back into the Drs and again there was no heart beat on the doppler.  After that, I was sent for an ultra sound..where...They found the heart beat. 182! nice and strong.  Of course, I was told that I have a small tear in my placenta.  Which leads me to this laying down on a bed isn't all it's cracked up to be. To be honest, it's very dull and boring. Of course I do sleep a lot, which I'm told is needed.

But, I do have to say that I am glad to be out. OMG, I have been wanting to post about this for such a long time, but I waited. What if I ended up having a miscarriage. What if I lose the baby? I have an appointment on Friday to check everything out and to see if the tear is all healed. I really hope so.
Well, for now baby W also to be known as seedling is done. There is nothing left to write.


niecie21 said...

I have been waiting for this post since I first heard your news! So excited to have another baby to join our group. You are going to be an awesome mommy and I can't wait to "meet" Seedling!! :) Get all the rest you can now, when you are getting to the end, you will wish you could still sleep! Hugs for a good appointment on Friday!

Heather Ann said...

congrats lady! I am so excited and happy for you! :) :)

I hope that you are staying healthy and strong for both you and the baby! :)

Heather Ann said...

congrats lady! I am so excited and happy for you! :) :)

I hope that you are staying healthy and strong for both you and the baby! :)

Jessica said...

YAY congrats!! so exciting!!

KrissyGirl said...

I am SO excited for you and hubby!!! You are going to make a wonderful mom. Baby is going to be so lucky. I love the idea of not finding out the sex until being born. Makes the day even more special

Are you still so sick? I hope your pregnancy can continue to improve and that you are able to enjoy it!

Caravan Sonnet said...

SO delightfully happy for you!! :) Hugs Friend!
:) Rebecca

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