Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Are you a Good Old Girl

On my drive home from my parents house this song came into my head.

Justin Moore's  Bait a Hook

Which got my thinking...in the song he talks about being a Good Old Boy. Well, it  made me think about what a good old girl should know.

So going off of the song I will start with some things I can or can't do?

Can you bait a hook? I can use a lure, but not worms...yuck?
Can you skin a buck? Nope, I have never gone hunting ever in my life and will never go.
Do you know who Jack Daniels is? Yes I do.
Can you drive a truck? As long as it's not a stick shift yes. Sticks are hard with my height.
Do you drive the interstate or the back roads? I do both. I don't really like driving the interstate....it's not my cup of tea, so I do prefer the back roads.

And now off of the song and onto some more girly things.

Can you bake cookies and cakes from scratch?  Yes. I love baking from scratch...they taste so much better than the box kind.

Can you host a tea party? For sure! I had tea parties all the time with my stuffed animals.

Paint your nails? Yes. I can also give myself a facial.

But can you answer this question.

What needs to be knee high by the fourth of July?

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