Friday, July 6, 2012

Let's Talk Fridays

Today I would like to talk about manners. When did people begin to lose their manners and when did society start to be okay with it?
Take this example: You are at work and a majority of the co-workers are talking about a party that was thrown by the other co-worker. You over hear about all of this, but you weren't invited to the party.
Where is the etiquette there?
Or this example: You are driving and trying to find a parking spot- you have your blinker on, but some other rude person sweeps in and takes it from you.
Or lastly this: You are carrying a bunch of shopping bags and struggling with the door, just as some other people walk by empty handed and don't help you.

So my question is what ever happened to Manners? Today, boys and girls do not say please, or thank you- instead I notice they tend to demand things. "I want that now" or "Get me that" are common words heard at your local Walmart.  People don't hold doors open, or ask if someone wants help. Mainly, the world seems obsessed with their technology- whether it be the latest iphone or tablet. Where does this manner-less world lead us to?
For that, I really would love some one to answer.

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