Saturday, July 14, 2012


My wonderful husband and I are doing a complete reorganization of the apartment. YAY for reorganizing. Not, it is a lot of work. So far all the heavy, big stuff has been moved, but now it's down to all the little things. Those are the worst. If you combine that with going through closets and such to see what to get rid of...we are now on 24+ hours of reorganization. So to go over married life- I will state- we have been trying some new wines well we do this. We have moved:
1. The T.V from the living room to now the office (the second bed room). We have set that room up with the twin bed to be more like a couch- we have the T.V in there, space for exercising and the desk with the computer and the printer. 
2. We have set up almost all the wedding stuff- put away gifts and now will finally be able to finish all the Thank You cards. Big accomplishment. 
3. We moved the closets around- got my Jeff ( my husband) a dresser and found a spot for my gown. My beautiful wedding gown is now sitting in the closet in the office. 
4. We moved the stuff in the kitchen around. 
5. We have taken one trip with a full car to Goodwill and are well on our way to a second trip. 

So now folks, all we need to make this complete is a small couch/love seat/futon. Does anyone know a where we can find a nice and cheap one? After that...a new mattress. 
That is all for now. I've got to get back to my reorganizing. 

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