Thursday, July 19, 2012

Post wedding details.

So since I started this  before the wedding there were some details that I never talked about. So let's begin with the cake:

Our cake was made by a local bakery in West Salem. The process for finding a cake was rough- I didn't want the baker to have to travel too far, but I don't want to pay and arm and a leg. I also noticed that a lot of places were not returning my calls. So I then decided to go with who ever returned my calls and was in my budget first. (it worked out great for the photographer and the cake) . The cake tasting was great- and the cake tasted really good from what I heard (I was not able to eat mine, as you may know a bride doesn't get to eat much). If you eve want to try some yummy food, I would suggest my bakery  Linda's Bakery in West Salem.

The design was done by me. I drew out what I wanted with colored pencil and gave it to the baker. She then  (using the flowers, cake topper and ribbon I got) made the cake perfect.
All in all, the cake was beautiful.

My favorite picture of the cake

All the pictures were taken by Mandy from Soul Exposure Photography

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