Saturday, July 28, 2012

Wedding Differences

I was recently married. It was the happiest day of my life. When I look back at my wedding day, I think of all the wonderful people who showed, everyone who helped out and all the great traditions that my husband and I did.
We did some classics including but not limited to:

  • Father Daughter Dance/ Mother Son Dance- these are seen at most weddings, however, I have been to weddings where I did not see these. For what ever reason the bride and groom chose not to do this is up to them.
  •  Cutting the cake and stuffing it into my husband's mouth/face- this one is now a bit on the controversial side of wedding traditions. Why you might ask? Think about how many times you feed someone in a given day...not much I bet, unless you are in contact with those who cannot feed themselves.  Now think about how you would feel if you were being fed too and someone ended up putting the food in your face? I bet it wouldn't feel to good. Some tux companies don't like it because frosting get's on the tux. So, if you get married, would you pick this tradition?
  • Not having the groom see the bride before the ceremony- This is something that now, really depends on the perrson. Some people like to do first looks, and in fact, in certain areas of the country that is now considered proper (so you don't have what is called a Catholic Gap- a gap between the ceremony and the cocktail hour) other don't. I had a Gap- I do not believe it is right being called a Catholic gap because I have seen other weddings that are not catholic that have a gap between then.
Now for out non-classics. 
  • Being Italian we had the traditional Tarntella- it is a folk dance. Some other cultures do not do traditional dance- others do. I know while planning the wedding, I was talking to some people who have never heard of the Tarentella- some were excited, others were asking my why. It's simple, I, my Husband and I were making the wedding ours. 
  • Since my Husband in German, and the area we live in is very German we did the dollar dance. (and not everyone is going to look at me in disgust). To explain the dollar dance- it was started years ago to help the bride and groom. Since then it became  a typical dance in the areas where plenty of German, Polish and Such. THE Dance is still used to help the bride and the groom with money- but not as much. Now people do it for fun, and for tradion. I know had we not done this, and only did the Tarentella 
  • We also did a 2 hour cocktail hour. Yes, only 2 hours, again following the norm for the place we live. Hence- does that break any wedding rules? I don't think so, because, that is what is socially acceptable in this area. In fact, we surprised out guest by having it be more than 1 hour. Yes, this area, does 1 hour of free drinks, then you pay for the rest, but water and soda are free the entire night. 
So what traditions do you think may be deemed classic or non classic for your area? Should you do them or not? It's up to you on how you want to follow wedding etiquette. Honestly, some stuff I followed, other I say "No Way, let me do what I think my guests will know"
For your wedding day, pick what your heart desires and go with it. Best of luck!

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