Sunday, August 12, 2012


Hi all,
 There has been talk about how my post name  Dear....... 
To be honest, and I will say this in all Capital Letters to make my point, that post was not written about ANY ONE in general. 
It was written  about a type of person, whether or not that person is male or female. It was written about a type of person who is selfish. I find it very hurtful that people  think I wrote a post bashing someone. That is not what this blog is about, this blog is about letting my thoughts out on some not so controversial topics, and some controversial topics. I do not believe in "burning" or "flaming" people on line.  I do believe in being able to state your opinions and views,whether or not people think the same way. My views were simply, if you are going to act like a spoiled little brat around me, don't expect me to be nice. 
The "step-sister","step- mom" and "other daughter" phrases, were taken from Disney movies. In most Disney movies, those terms are used to describe those who don't agree with the princess's thoughts. Since I believe that I should not have to cater to selfish people, I yes, called them Princesses and yes, referred to me, and the members of my family who agree with my as the "step" or "others".
I have taken down the offensive post as to not offend anyone else. I am deeply hurt that one a the few outlets I have for my voice to be heard had to be silenced. 


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