Saturday, August 25, 2012

Let's talk Fridays

So it's Saturday, I spent most of my Friday working on something for my family. Let's just say, even though it is only August, I have most of my Christmas presents done. I also was hanging out with my neighbors yesterday. I apologize for not posting. Today's post will focus on the Let's talk aspect with a twist. I'm going to list things in society that really bug me. This is not a dis on anyone.

To start, I hate racism. All kinds of racism, whether it is disliking someone because you are white, and they are not, or the opposite, you are black and hate white people.  Or the example of, a Mexican hating a Puerto Rican, or a  Cuban hating a Costa Rican. There is even racism among European countries, a German disliking an Italian, an English person disliking an Irish person. In today's society, it is really sad to see the racsim that occurs.

Politics on the web. I love some of my Facebook friends but sometimes their political posts can be a bit annoying. I don't mind seeing some political posts, because everyone has the right to free speech(at least everyone should) but to fill my news feed everyday with a political rant...sometimes it makes me want to block them. So this little post it perfect

The last thing that bugs me in society today is fashion problems. Such as the low pants that show everything, the short shirts the show your midriffs, I mean really that causes huge problems, the pants are low, the shirts are short, you bend over and....BAM a full moon is being shown. Fashion people,let's be realistic howto make clothes that are cute and functional. 


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