Friday, August 10, 2012

Let's Talk Fridays

For today I want to talk about different things that may happen and what you would do in them. I'll just jump into it and we will go from there. 
1. Say you are at work and you do something that another coworker doesn't like. Instead of talking to you about it, the coworker decides to make fun of you. The coworker tells your other co workers, laughs, call you names. This said coworker does this when they think you are out of ear shot, but you hear them. No one stands up for you. What would you do?
2. You are at work. Tired from working long days and all, but at work on time. Your other coworkers are late. They come in hung over. They then talk about the night they had. A "celebration" they said. They continue to talk about how they all went out and partied together, and you are the odd one out who wasn't invited. What would you do?
3. You are driving on the side of the rode and your car starts to smoke. you pull but your cell phone is dead. The closest store is 10 miles away. What would you do?
4. There is a wild animal in your house that you are afraid of what would you do?

So what would you do?

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