Sunday, August 26, 2012

I'm back! and Pinteresting Sunday's

Yesterday after I posted my blog on what I hate, I was told my blog was spam. I was told it could be hate spam or link spam from my Pinteresting Sunday's page. I was a bit upset. I contacted the Google/Blogger support team, and they told me it would take a few weeks to look at my blog. Well, I woke up to an email which said my blog was fine! So....if you missed reading my yesterday you read me today and hopefully from now on!

Now on to my Pinterest finds: (again you click on the picture and it should take you to the link)
Today I'm going to talk about homemade gifts
sounds like a good idea

Oh Sugar! Secrets of the Scrub

Sugar scrubs!  I really want to try these, they look so simple and I bet they work great. 
Holiday Gift Idea~ Place bagged cocoa mix in the middle of a clear jar with lid and fill the sides with peppermints, holiday candy and marshmallows. Finish with a simple bow and tag for a pretty and tasty gift.

salted caramel hot chocolate mix recipe.
Hot Chocolate mix

These are all that I have so far, but I think they might be fun to make. I think having homemade gifts will be cool this year, just as long as they are not too expensive. 

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