Saturday, November 10, 2012

Thankfulness day 10

Today I am thankful for the availability for food. Where I live food is greatly available  If we forget how lucky we are we will take things for granted. And one thing that many people do take for granted is the access to food we have.  We are lucky enough to be able to buy food in bulk and freeze it. That's just what my husband and I did today. We made a bunch of slow cooker meals. We chopped up all the fresh veggie and meat, put it all in a freezer bag and stored it, in the freezer. I feel it's a great idea to help us out. We have enough food between the fridge and the freezer to to last us about 2 weeks. What we are doing right now is a trail experiment. If this works out, my wonderful husband and I will be making about a months worth of freezer meals. This can help us save money, and make sure we always have food in the apartment. Something, which we are super lucky to have.

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