Thursday, October 3, 2013

23 weeks...A little long

Today I'm 23 weeks.

So Baby is the size of a grape fruit! About 11 inches long and a little over a pound. This baby is just a little smaller than what the average is, but still looking good.
Symptoms:  I'm tired and sick, (I feel that this should be an all the time symptom for me), Let's see, my back hurts a bit, and I have had insomnia.
Gender ideas: Again, I have no clue, but what do you all think?This week, all I have been wanting are sweets. Like super sugary unhealthy for you items. Thankfully Jeff doesn't let me get what I crave, or I would have eaten a whole cake this week.

Other notes: Nothing too exciting, but I did get to see the baby this week. I wrote about it below, if you have a week stomach...just skip to the end.

So I had an ultra sound on Monday. And all was going well until I felt sick. And next thing I know I was like this:

Then I was like this:

But during the ultra sound the baby was kickng nad flipping a lot. So much so I think my baby may become like this when she/he is my age

So after that...I went to sleep. But later that night, he/she was kicking hard again and this time Jeff was able to feel her kick. It was wonderful :)

1 comment:

Amie said...

Sounds like things are going pretty well, minus the tiredness and sickness, hopefully it will pass soon!

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