Saturday, October 12, 2013

90's girl

As I sit here, watching the Badgers play (and hopefully win) I can't help but think of the age difference between me and some of the players. I know it's not a big  difference, but it is one that has defined me, who I am, and my childhood. I'm a totally 90's girl. I know it and truth be told I love it.

I grew up listening to the original boy bands.

I grew up with Disney:


 Full house:

And Boy Meets World.

 There are over 300 reasons why being an 90's girl was awesome. (Including those rad jelly shoes)

As well as we had some of the coolest toys.  Yes, I had a Furby, Baby Born and those rad fashion plates. Along with beanie babies.

Therefore, I am a 90's girl.

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