Thursday, October 31, 2013

27 weeks. Happy Halloween!

Which means that this LO will be here in 13 weeks give or take a few.

The baby is...well all the different apps are telling my different things. I have the size of a cauliflower from one app, a head of lettuce from another app, and a rutabaga from another. All I got from them is that the baby is around 2lbs, and about 14 inches long. 

This week the baby is sleeping at regular intervals. I think my child likes to sleep during the day, because he/she is the most active come 4pm on and doesn't calm down until like 9 am. Which doesn't help me sleep. Unless he/she is trying to  prepare me for motherhood. 

Brain tissue and lung tissue are developing right now! Also, the brain is very active right now, making this LO move around, kick/ flip, suck his/her thumb, and hiccup. 

Now on to me: I have nothing new. Still sick (to the point where it doesn't even phase me anymore) still have back pain, still tired, but now I'm also an insomniac. Oh, and all I've been wanting is ice water. Juice and milk just taste way too sweet. 

Gender: Human!!!! IDK I had a dream about a little boy last night. But then the other night it was a little girl. But in both dreams it was human. 

Winston and I are saying Happy Halloween!

(This picture is from last years Halloween)


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