Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hemming jeans

As you all know I'm a bit crafty. So this week end, I figured why not hem the maternity jeans my wonderful mom got me. Now, these jeans started out 6 inches too long.

So the first thing I did was measure where I wanted these jeans to fall on me. Then I folded them up (like when you crop jeans) and pinned then on the hem. (this took a few tries since I had to pin them a few different times)


Then I sewed really close to the hem of the jeans. I made sure it wasn't underneath the hem, but super close to the hem.

After that I cut off the extra fabric. (Be careful here, you don't want to cut off your hem line, I did that and had to make some changes)

And last, remove the pins, fold the hem back over (iron it if you want it flat) and wear your newly hemmed jeans!

Not bad if I don't say so myself. 

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