Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Oh the knitter in me

It's been a long time since I have talked abut knitting. So to start....Sometimes, I wish people would just let me sit down and knit until I don't want to knit any more.

Or just let me play around on pinterest or in knitting books because

But no. It doesn't happen.  Although when I do get the time to look at pinterest...sometimes I like the tings I see, other  times I try the project and it's a fail. 

This one was a fail...doesn't work. 

And sadly this one doesn't work all the time too :(

And these are super cute...but they don't lead to a pattern. O boy.  Why does pinterest do this to me?


(Oh I know it's Tuesday, but I'm going to have this post be my Pinterest post for the week, so linking up with Michelle from TheVintage Apple for Oh So Pinteresting. )

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