Thursday, October 24, 2013

26 weeks.

Today I am 26 weeks.  My last week in 2nd trimester. I have 98 days left until my due date! EEEKKK!

Baby is about 1.5 to 2.5 pounds and 14 inches long. So the size of a head of lettuce, egg plant or a lunch box? Hmm, I don't think I have a baby the size of a lunch box.

The baby is moving around a lot! At the last doctors office the doctor was chasing the baby around with the doppler. He/She is practicing breathing so hiccups are happening. I haven't felt them yet, but I probably will soon. He/She is also is growing eye lashes. I hope that this baby gets my husbands eye lashes, since mine are super short and his are long.

My symptoms: Let's see, I'm still tired, and still having bouts of nausea, but this past week, I haven't been super sick. It is getting harder to fall asleep (even though I'm super tired), my back still hurts, and I have noticed I have been needed my inhaler a bit more. Otherwise, I have had a bits of energy, which is helpful to get things organized and set up for the baby. (mainly research)

Updates: I have been doing more and more research on different baby items, so that way when my husband and I can take a road trip to the "big" city where they have a Target and Babies R Us was know what we want to look at.

Gender guesses:  My husband thinks that this little one is a girl. Some of my friends and family think it's a boy. I really don't know.  I found this on Pinterest:

Let's see:
Morning sickness: YES!
Cravings: When I have them I want both sweet and salty stuff
Mood: I think I've been moody, it's kind of hard to be happy when you are working on keeping food in, and worried about a bunch of things. 
Skin: Soft? I have always had pretty soft skin and I haven't noticed a difference
Sleeping: I'm throwing you all for a loop, up until two weeks ago, I was still sleeping on my stomach. Right now, I'm trying to get comfortable on my side, and I switch between the right and left side. 
Headaches: I have had a few, so Yes.
Balance: My balance has been off. I'm going with unstable for this. 
Chinese Calender: I got boy and girl. 

Also today is October 24th. I believe the Petites link up is still going on. I am linking up this post, but it will be the only pregnancy post that I will link up. I hope those readers from it, don't mind.

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elle alice said...

Congrats on 26 weeks! Glad I found ya through the Petitis! I love the way you're chronicling this exciting season of pregnancy!

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