Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas cookies.

Today I made Christmas cookies. They are for my basketball team and for a party that I'm going to on Saturday.  I made three different kinds.

1. Gingerbread cookies.

They are decorated like little basketball players.(I think my team will like that) I sadly do not have any tips for making gingerbread cookies. (Or for decorating them well) I have never made gingerbread cookies before, so I cheated and used store made dough, but the frosting is homemade. The only advice I do have is gingerbread is suppose to be soft and fluffy- you do not want to over bake the cookies.

2. I made as I like to call them Caramel Sugar cookies.

(The dough looked and smelled very yummy)

I got the recipe from Pinterest which lead me here.
 I did make some variations to the recipe. Instead of waiting for brown flecks to appear- I waited until the butter was brown. I also didn't cool it all the way and mixed some sugar in to caramelize it . I made the dough according to the recipe and it looked and smelt like those caramel candies.  Lastly, I cooked them for 10 minutes instead of 12.

I don't like my cookies too brown- ( As you can see in the above picture) so I took them out while they were a light brown. (As you can see in the below picture)

Another thing I noticed was that the cookies went flat. I feel that if I experiment with this recipe more, the cookies will be less flat and more cookie like.

And.I topped them with Peppermint Frosting.

3. Chocolate Crinkle Cookies.- I was the most excited to make these. They are the little chocolate cookies with the Hersey's kiss in the center.  I made the dough as directed and  then baked them as directed. Having never  made them before, I didn't want to deviate and go off on my own with the recipe. 

I feel that I should have. After making the cookies and following everything to a T the cookies looked like an EPIC fail. Therefore, no pictures will be shown of the epic fail cookies.  But some thoughts will be made.

  • I noticed that there is no butter or margarine or shortening used at all in the recipe. I feel having something of that would help a lot. The cookies can out of the oven fluffy but then the sank down like souffle when I pressed the kiss into them.
  • I think I would adjust the amount of flour, sugar and such as well. The cookies expanded a lot on the cookie sheet. I don't think they were suppose to do that. 
  • Maybe roll them in regular sugar and powdered sugar?

4. Frosting- I used a plain vanilla Frosting for the cookies. I then added different extracts for different flavors  The gist of frosting is to make sure everything is cold (the pan, the beaters, the sugar) the only item you may want warm is the butter and even that you don't want it to get too close to room temp. When frosting, always, take what you need and keep the rest in the fridge. When done, place everything (cookies and all) in the fridge. It will keep the cookies soft and the frosting tasting yummy.

Well, ciao for now

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