Wednesday, December 19, 2012

School Closings

Growing up- I would wish for school to be closed due to snow. Unlike most people whose parents worked when school was closed, having a mom as a teacher made it all the better.  I would get up nice and early on mornings where it snowed all night, turn on the news and wait. As it would get closer to the time to leave, I would get a bit sad and get ready. Often times what would happen would be this- I'm already to leave, bag packed, breakfast ate and we are just about to get to the car when BAM! my school districts name would appear. It was wonderful!

Now that I'm an adult, I still feel the same way. Since I work in the schools, I don't have to work when they are closed. Meaning, I can have a day off! So, like I used to do as a kid, tonight I'm checking the news to see if my city will close schools. With 11 inches expected and 40 MPH winds, plus ice, I really don't think they would have school, but one never knows.
So, here's to wishing for a snow day!

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