Friday, December 28, 2012

Let's talk Friday's

Welcome back! I hope that you have had a great Holiday! I know mine was pretty good.  For today, I have a few things I just want to get off my chest.

 1. Cleaning, I was... to be honest... a lazy bum. I didn't clean or unpack this week. But neither did my husband.  He is planning tomorrow to be a cleaning day, well, I have other plans. Tonight, when he is out with his friends I'm going to surprise him and get some cleaning done.

2.  Concussions!  Concussions in kids. Your kid. I love when parents take head injuries seriously. LOVE IT! Those are the parents I want to give a gold star too. It doesn't matter how old the parent or child is, if someone who is taking care of your child thinks they could be hurt, I would make sure that my child is okay and not be mad at the child care provider. Just saying bee a gold star parent, not a non-star parent.

3. Animal rights- my one main cause. I don't think I'm doing enough- so, if you have ideas for me to do more please tell me in the comment section.

4. Nothing is better than telling and showing those who you love that you love them. Please show your loved ones that.


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