Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pinteresting Sunday

Pinterest oh Pinterest. How often I go on you and spend hours just looking at thing and organizing my boards. I have all these ideas I want to try and do and so often I don't.  I blame it one me not having time, but then I realize it's because I spend so much time looking for things.  Some of the things I look at are informative (such as the cooking and baking and all the crafts boards) and some of the things are just for fun ( such as the movie, diagon ally, and cute animals) and some are just for goals or hopes or dreams.

Yet- with all of those boards- I wonder how much of those pins are real and work? So today instead of sharing pins I have made, I'm letting you all know, between being sick and all, I organized my 15 of my boards today with plans to get more done. I know, I have 36 board- so I''m not even half way there, but I will be. Keep pinning and make sure you know that your boards are what you want them to be.

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