Saturday, December 8, 2012

Let's talk Fridays-Holidays

 Let's talk Fridays is back.(Silent cheer time) Today I want to talk about- the holidays. I want to discuss something that is very dear to me. Something that happens this time of year and causes people to get very emotional. It's calling a Christmas tree a Holiday tree.
To me, yes there are some holidays that fall around this time, but instead of putting down those who celebrate them, why not embrace and learn about the holidays. Such as- if someone says Merry Christmas to me, I would say that back. If someone said Happy Hanukkah to me, I would say that back to them. I wouldn't be offended. But, ignoring the holidays that occur at this time- just seem wrong to me.  And to me, calling a Christmas tree a Holiday tree is wrong too.
And for something funny(It's been going around the internet)

What are your thoughts?

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