Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Spring Shape up Challenge!

Lately I've been bumming and haven't been as active or eating as healthy as I should. (I know bad) so, to help me stay on track- I'm doing a challenge and encouraging you to join me. So I have decided on a four week challenge broken down by weeks. I really don't snack much- but when I do, I tend to go over board with the junk food. Which will all be changed with the challenge:

Week 1:

  • Begin with 20 minutes of easy cardio exercise every other day of the week (Sun, Tue, Thur, Sat) and do easy strength training and flexibility on the other days (Mon, Wed, Fri)
  • I would say cut out some salty food but I don't eat that, so instead I'm going to say begin being smart about your snacking habits. Write down what you eat when, so you learn about your eating habits. 
  • Eat some type of fruit everyday and try to incorporate yogurt into your diet.  (I like to have an apple or a banana for my breakfast)
Week 2:
  • Increase your cardio to 30-40 minutes at an easy pace still (your body needs to get used to working out again.) and continue with your strength and flexibility training. 
  • Look at what you wrote down about your snacking habits and pick ONE thing you want to change- it could be how much soda you drink, all the sugary food you eat, the salt, what ever it is, begin to cut back on it. 
  • Increase your fruit to two a day between your meals. So you would have breakfast, fruit, lunch, fruit, dinner.
  • Take a look at how much you drink. Alcohol has a lot of sugar in it and it doesn't help with losing any weight or being healthier at all.  Start to cut back on it.
Week 3:
  • Move your cardio up- instead of at an easy pace, begin to do it at an easy medium pace. You want to be sweating when you are done. Also increase  the number of days. (Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday.)
  • Begin to increase your strength training and flexibility workouts too. Work at a harder level, it's okay to push yourself. 
  • Keep having fruit! Also have smart snacks- unsalted nuts, plan popcorn.
  • Cut out processed food and keep cutting back what you started to cut back on in week 2.
Week 4
  • Continue to eat healthy by building on the previous weeks. 
  • Repeat week 3 for workout routines. 
You made it to the end of one month! (YAY) Start April by looking at your habits and see what you need to work on. Continue your workouts.

I will be posting on how I'm doing and I really do  hope that you comments about how you are doing.  Look for an accountability post on here or on my husbands blog found at Journey to a Slimmer Me.

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